Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What CINEMA is..???

Theatre, some call it cinema hall, some call it entertainment zone, some call it time pass, some even call it a place to kiss your girlfriend as its all dark there. But, what it should be called...? I think a place to express, share etc. the feelings, ideas, believes, reality etc. of an individual, group, place etc. Exactly, it's the definition of communication, and it suits here best as cinema is a form communication, mass communication and theatre is a place to show the cinema.

Cinema plays a very imp role in the process of mass communication, when one wants to disseminate a message to mass, cinema can taken as a medium. It is a very strong medium of conveying message as it could connect one to the situation, consequences, reasons etc. I am not here to criticize or comment on anyone, but just to express what I feel, and according to me a good screen writer should good enough in inserting his outcome into the brains, hearts and souls of his/ her audience. Cinema can bring drastic change in the mentality of people if used properly, hence one should use cinema wisely and carefully to disseminate a message

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